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Many guys and men complains about having watery sperm and atimes its associated with low sperm count though its not all men that has watery sperm that suffers low sperm count.
Below are major causes of watery sperm

1.Excess alcohol
2. Cigarette smoking
3. Stress
4. Hot baths
5. Psychoactive drug misuse
6. Protein deficiency foods
7. Fructose deficiency - Fructose comes mainly from fruits and vegetables. There are a few conditions that would leave the body deprived of fructose and cause the semen to appear watery. Most notable would be a diet that lacks the necessary carbohydrates and sugars. Either because of poverty or vanity, a diet with insufficient energy will produce semen that is lacking in fructose.
8. Over exercising can often lead to fructose deficiency too as the body uses sugar to provide energy for the exercise. In most cases, the solution is to simply make sure to eat more fruit and vegetables.
9. Frequent ejaculation can also result in watery semen. Generally, sperm takes a few months to mature in the testicles. If a man ejaculates several times each day, such as with frequent masturbation or intercourse, his testicles will usually not be able to produce enough sperm to keep up. This will often result in less sperm present in the semen. Instead of the semen being thick and white, the lack of sperm could cause watery semen. A healthy frequency will be 3 times a week. Ucenter Dress bat mitzvah gowns
10. Men with low sperm counts may also have semen that is thinner than normal.

Are you a man that have been suffering this for long or are you a woman and your mans sperm is always watery. Its time to end that problem coz it can cause you infertility if it has affected the sperm count.

There are natural herbal supplements to
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3. Cure quick ejaculation

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