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Pornographic movies/pictures was not made for
entertainment or for fun rather it was made
purposely to destroy both the actors and the
viewer. It feeds man with lust and
makes him hungry for sin.it resulted to
masturbation and all sexual abominable. Ignorant
youths watch it for fun but don't know the
damage it is causing to their soul. Some have
been posessed by Asmodeus without Knowing.
Mind you that whenever you are watching
something on the TV/phone, have it in mind that
you are not alone. The devil neither sleeps so he
is looking for every opportunity to get into you.
Naked women were there before you were born,
they will be there you will leave.. Watching
pornographic movie will only create bad thoughts
in you and automatically lead you to sin... after
watching, practicing begins............
so unfortunate that so many sites are publishing
it and so many have become their customers
especially the Teens.
So many men are hooked to pornographic movie
and are struggling to
overcome it after seeing the damaging side of it.
We should
know that the actors are being used by demons
to go to that extreme to degrade their bodies.
married men who get addicted to pornographic
movie find it difficult to
sleep with their own wives, young men who are
not married masturbate.
People who watch pornographic movie end up
having strong
irresistible sexual urges, because they have
invited the demon of lust to live in them.
once the spirit brings up the desire you can't
stand the
it can lead you doing it with your close relative, a Ucenter Dress on sale collections for red carpet
child or even animal .
close your eyes from watching obscene pictures
before it
destroys you!!