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At the end of Saturday night, we will know which 4 teams are going to the Playoffs. I believe it will be:

#1 Clemson v. #4 Alabama
#2 Auburn v. # 3 Oklahoma

One of the best weeks of college football was played last week with some very good match-ups and heated rivalries. Now the regular season is over (with a few exceptions like FSU v. LA-Monroe makeup game and a few non-Power 5 games) and we head into the post-season beginning with conference championship games. This should be another exciting week! In the Power 5 championship games, 3 are rematches from the regular season- USC v. Stanford in the PAC-12, Georgia v. Auburn in the SEC, and Oklahoma v. TCU in the Big 12. The other two in the P5 conferences are between Ohio State v. Wisconsin in the Big 10 and Clemson v. Miami for the ACC Championship game.

In the Group of 5 Conferences, that consists of lower level schools in the Football Bowl Series (teams that can get ranked, but have a near zero shot at being included in the National Championship race), all games are rematches (although many college football fans on the national level who are not alumni or from the area of those programs could probably care less). Nonetheless, one of the best games last week was between two in-state Florida rivals (no, not the Seminole v. Gator game), the #13 ranked Central Florida Knights v. the #22 ranked South Florida Bulls.
These rematches are between Boise State v. Fresno State in the Mountain West, Memphis v. UCF in the American Athletic, North Texas v. Florida Atlantic in the Conference- USA, and Akron v. Toledo in the MAC. The Sun Belt Conference doesn't have a championship game yet, but they are still playing their regular season and Troy is playing Arkansas State, both which are in a three-way tie at first place in the Sun Belt at 6-1, along with Appalachian State who will be playing against Louisiana-Lafayette, who is 4-3 in conference games.

There should be a lot of great games this Friday night and Saturday with these conference championship matches, especially in the ACC with both teams having a shot to get to a Playoff Bowl game along with the winner of the Ohio State and Wisconsin game, the Georgia v. Auburn game, and the Oklahoma if they beat TCU. Only one game will be left after these games before Bowl season begins, and that will be the classic rivalry of the Army-Navy game which will be played next week at 2 PM, although there is no National Championship drama involved.

I couldn't help but try and guess what these games will look like and how the College Football Playoff Bowl games should look after Saturday night. I'm putting my predictions on here to make the games a little more interesting for me to see how close I can get to figuring the outcome of each game. This is how a poor man gambles on football games without running the risk of losing any money, with only my pride in the line!

At the end of the day on Saturday, my prediction is that Clemson will play Alabama and auburn will play Oklahoma in the two Playoff Bowls!

Friday Night
USC v. Stanford
#10 USC will be playing #12 Stanford in Santa Clara, CA for all of the PAC-12 marbles. Can we know what it will look like? I don't believe in ESP or any other type of clairvoyance (yes I think that "Long Island Medium" Caputo lady is a fraud), but we can look back to the future as the two teams played each other back in September 9 during the second game of the regular season. During the earlier game the USC Trojans beat the Cards 42-24. Stanford also has lost to San Diego State and got blistered in the 4th quarter last week by the Irish of ND. They also had a few close games against some mediocre teams. USC has lost two games, one to Washington State and the other also was a loss to Notre Dame.
I believe that this should be a close game with both teams being able to score on each other several times. My prediction is that USC still had the edge, so I predict:
USC 35 - Stanford 30

Oklahoma v. TCU
Another rematch. #3 Oklahoma (11-1) goes against the #11 Horned Frogs (10-2) for the Big 12 prize. Through the powers of Reverse Psychic ability, I know that Oklahoma beat TCU earlier this month by a score of 38-20. The Sooners also has that Heisman candidate, Baker Mayfield, whose name sounds to me like s good name for a NASCAR driver for some reason. He kind of has that Johnny Manziel attitude about him that I don't really care for, but maybe if he flames out like Johnny Football during his first season, maybe he can drive a car for Hendricks Motor Sports. I really, personally do not like OK, but I try to push aside all prejudices and emotions and think like I'm betting a $1,000 on the game when I try to make a pick so that I don't let my heart get in the way of my head. Emotionally, I would like to see TCU plaster the Sooners, but intellectually, my higher reasoning insists that Oklahoma has the better team overall. I do believe that The Okiedokies have a lot of holes in their defense, but should be able to hold off the Horntoads O UcenterDress casual informal wedding wears dressed in summer
enough for OU to pull off another win and land a spot in the playoffs.
Oklahoma 45 - TCU 35

Georgia v. Auburn
The SEC Championship game will see what happens when East meets West. In a land not so far away, in a time not so long ago, the 'Dawgs sat at the top of the rankings at #1. Aided by disfunction junction, or as some may know it the SEC East, Georgia thrived on over some cupcake teams and others in the East that have fallen on some misfortune (Florida, Tennessee for example) and several other teams that had been relishing that they were accomplishing their goal to be mediocre and not a dumpster fire that had spread to burn down the whole garbage heap (again Florida, Tennessee). UGA was undefeated, Kirby Smart was the greatest thing since Vince Dooley in 1980, and they were at the top of the heap in the nation. They had knocked the legendary Alabama Tide off the top of the mountain. Everything was going great until they met up with that other little ol' school from Alabama- the Auburn Tigers!
Yes, just a few short weeks ago the team that began the season chanting, "Get on a bus, Gus" as they were talking about how he was ruining the team and needed to be fired after they lost to Clemson the first game of the season, not only beat Georgia, but they beat 'em bad!
Can they do it again? This time they play in the Bulldogs back yard, but not between the hedges. I believe that the Dome in Atlanta will in fact be more beneficial to Auburn as it could help in their weak kicking game. Kerryon Johnson is a key player for the Tigers and got injured last week in the Iron Bowl and is listed as "day to day" on playing stays, but they should still have a strong enough Offense with him out or playing less than 100%. The biggest key for Auburn is their defensive line. They have a line that can keep Fromm on his heels as well as shut down the run game, which is the 'Dawgs bread and butter. As a fan who pulls for Clemson, I look at this game and think which team would I would hope that Clemson didn't have to play for fear of getting beat in the playoffs, I would say Auburn. I think that it will be a lot closer game this time around, but I think that Georgia will have to wait another year for a shot at their second National Championship. My prediction:
Auburn 28 - Georgia 17

Ohio State v. Wisconsin
The Big 10 Championship game sees #8 Ohio State play against #4 unbeaten Wisconsin. 2 loss Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has been busy investigating an incident from last week, when apparently Tonya Harding dressed up like a reporter and beat the Buckeye's QB in the knee with a camera tripod. An angry Coach Meyer in the post-game interview said that he wanted an investigation and that they would find who did this. I think if I can remember right, his exact words were something like, "We gonna find you. We gonna find you. So you can run and tell that, homeboy!"
As silly as Meyer's tirade sounded, it appears that there was an accidental collision between the QB and a reporter when they bumped into one another on the sideline during pre-game warm-ups. Whatever happened last week, starting QB J.T. Barrett is listed as "probable" for this week's game against the Badgers. Barrett's replacement is a redshirt freshman, but he took over for Barrett last week in the 4th quarter and beat Michigan in a comeback win. It is unknown right now which will start the game. Will the QB situation give the Badgers an edge, or are the Buckeyes too deep at QB?
I believe that Wisconsin is not a very good team, despite being undefeated. They have played a schedule so soft that Charmin should use it in one of their toilet paper commercials. Still, it's not easy to finish the regular season in a Power 5 conference 12-0. All said though, Ohio State has played a tougher schedule and has a coach that has been to the big game, and taken home the big trophy. Meyer should have enough time to have OSU ready to play with whichever QB they have to go with and still have time to work on mysteries. Maybe if he ends up finding out which reporter ran into Barrett on the sideline during his investigation, he can team up with OJ and help him find the real killer. If Wisconsin wins, Meyer will have plenty of time as he will only have to play in one Bowl game, but if the Buckeyes hand the Badgers their first loss of the year, he may forget about his investigation and start arguing for Ohio States right to be in a Playoff Bowl for another National Championship journey. My prediction:
Ohio State 28 - Wisconsin 17

Clemson v. Miami
The BIG game! Sorry, I'm trying not to be biased, but rather look at the evidence with an objective outlook, but this will be the game that I'm waiting to see. The ACC Championship game in the Queen City! Atlantic Division champ Clemson Tigers play the Coastal Division champs Miami Hurricanes!
Clemson is 11-1 with a loss to a 4-8 Syracuse and Miami is 10-1 with a loss to 5-7 Pitt team. These are two losses that nobody saw coming.
Clemson started out the season with a blowout win over cupcake Kent State and then another low scoring fare win over the current football darling, Auburn Tigers. The Tigers reached the #1 spot largely on the legs of Kelley Bryant and a barrage of Running Backs anchored by Feaster and Etienne, short throws to a host of receivers with occasional long yard throws. Bryant also has Hunter Renfrow in the slot position who is a master at running short routes and leads in the number of receptions. He is also instrumental in 3rd down conversions as Bryant's favorite target in those situations.
The Tigers loss to the Orangemen of Syracuse came as the result of Bryant being injured from the game the week before, and an unwise decision to replace him with Zerrick Cooper over Hunter Johnson as Bryant's replacement, in my opinion.
Miami is going to face one of the best defenses they've seen this year in Venable's D. Miami has also two of its leading receivers out for the game and QB Milik Rosier has the same accuracy problems that Bryant does. My thinking is that Miami will have to run to be in the game, and I think they'll have a hard time against the Tiger D Line.
The Tigers will have to depend on their run game as well to keep the Canes from passing around that big gold "Turnover Chain".
I believe that the Tigers have played a more difficult schedule and that they have played more consistent. Miami has had some close games and a much softer schedule in my opinion, and they nearly got beat by Virginia and had to stage a frantic 4th quarter comeback to win the game, although the final score didn't reflect how close the game truly was. Then there was the loss to Pitt. I like Mark Richt and everybody loves a Cinderella story and Miami has had a Cinderella story this year under Coach Richt, but at games end I don't believe that the glass slipper will fit and that the Canes will be out of the playoff hunt for good this season.
If I thought that Clemson was the least of the two teams I would say it, despite pulling for them, but I don't believe that for a second. I believe that the Tigers will be playoff bound by the end of Saturday night.
My prediction:
Clemson 31 - Miami 17

Makeup Game for FSU
Louisiana-Monroe v. Florida State
This game will be Jimbo Fisher's
Last hurrah at FSU before announcing that he's skipping town in Tallahassee and headed to College Station, Texas to be the new HC of the Aggies. Jimbo asked to have this game made up that Hurricane Irma cancelled at the beginning of the season when he realized that he may not end up with a winning season and have no chance at a Bowl. He got the game back on the schedule, and though I believe that he will lead the Seminoles to a win over this lesser-conference cupcake foe, if they land a Bowl Game, there will be another Skipper of the ship to get FSU through it. It's been a good run and he brought another national championship to add to Bobby Bowden's other two, but the era is over. Good-bye, Jimbo! I hope that they get another good one to replace him.
My prediction:
FSU wins 40-21

Group of 5 Games
Memphis v. UCF for AAC champ
UCF wins 48-42

North Texas v. Florida-Atlantic
For the Conference-USA champ
Love him or hate him, Lane Kiffin's
FAI wins 48-28

Akron v. Toledo for MAC champ
Toledo wins 42-17

Boise State v. Fresno State
for MWC championship
Close game, but I say
Boise State wins 30-28

Sun Belt Conference games
Troy v. Arkansas State
Troy wins 35-30

Louisiana-Lafayette v. Appalachian State
Ap State wins big 55-17

South Alabama v. New Mexico State
NM State wins 30-17

Idaho v. Georgia State
GA State wins 45-20

UMASS v. FLA-International
FAI wins big 52-30