a line mother of the bride dresses

Day 4.

Hello mother,
Last day for the current pants today as we’ve been front and back and inside out now.

Since our success with the lubricant, Johns been lubing anything with a hole in it. Dressed in what I can only think is ‘normal’ Spanish DIY gear of a full length kaftan and carpet slippers, he’s now been around he whole place squirting his magic spray to the echo of “oooh, that’s better”. I daren’t stand still too long for fear of his nozzle finding somewhere on me which hasn’t been previously greased!

Yesterday saw us climb the local equivalent of the Eiger, a huge great snow topped lump of a mountain close by. We raced up, at a pace akin to Mo Farah, only stopping for a large brandy; purely for hydration you understand. The air must’ve been thin up there - it’s the only conceivable reason for three fine specimens of men like ourselves being that out of breath at the summit. The view was exhilarating, although I suspect not for those that might have been looking up at the time as one of us (you know who you are!) decided that they really should have peepee’d before they set out. At such altitude and being that exposed on the summit, he was living proof of the expression ‘pi**ing in the wind’ as the headwind he was facing into was stronger than he thought! Poor ole Mr wet legs!! a line mother of the bride dresses

Not content with the effort of racing up, we decided the only way back down was running full pace until we levelled out at the bottom. It’s what we decided to do, but not what we ended up doing; ever seen three old dears helping each other off a bus, well that was us on the way down, all the way down. That hill was definitely steeper and more slippy on the way down!

Today started at six thirty with a gentle round trip jog over the hills; just over 10km, watching the sun rise. If there was anything to make you feel invigorated, it was that for sure! Well, it might have started like that for someone but it sure as hell wasn’t me; I was still snoring my head off until nine!

With Kev and John caught up in a twelve hour super competitive boules marathon (currently 27 ends plays 33 in John’s favour), it was a quick trip down to the market this morning for me with San’ and Jan. It gave me a fine chance to practice my near fluent Spanish on the local traders - an impressive sight to behold. “Hola, por favor” then lots of hand gestures, and English words with an ‘o’ stuck on the end (I learnt well from you Nicki). I ended up buying one second hand sock, a tarpaulin and 25kgs of chicken wings. I only wanted a liquorice wheel and some aniseed balls! A bit more practice needed I think.

After that, I thought I’d better check in on things back home given Nicki’s had free rein on things for a few days - checking the footage from the web cam (yeah, you didn’t know I’d set that up did you Nicki), it looks as though she’s getting through some volume of dairy products as the milkman’s been round twice a day every day since I’ve been over here! Still, they say milk’s good for you so must be ok - she’s probably just looking for nice healthy bones !

We enjoyed the first barbecue of the year this evening. You’ve got to haven’t you when the air’s as still as it was and the temperature’s in the mid twenties. It’s just like being at home (on that one day a year when the weather was not wet and cold). I see the UK weather is a little ‘inclement’ the moment! Well, once Brexit goes through I suspect the Europeans will be sharing even less weather with us so we’d better prepare for just grey and damp although we’ll see if we can sneak some blue sky through security on the way back.

Any how, hot tub now... we’re going to be taught the game John and Sandy like to play called “who made those bubbles?”.
I think I’m going to be good at this one.

Enjoy your Sunday evening folks, stay safe and warm in the awful weather and just be grateful that tomorrow’s Monday - who doesn’t love a Monday morning. x