adorable prom wears designed for little girl

I can't, just keep walking back and forth this parking lot while you're staring at me like that
, cockroaches and parasites alike evenly even assholes at Starbucks, seems like everybody is in on this, as dumb as that sounds
, not walking up to random cars anymore it's a bad idea for me, it's always just been shaky old lady about the call the cops and people having sex , weird, top of the fact that I just saw on my ex-girlfriends, it seems to be helping this swine, probably out of spite, not really sure what to do, there's a stop sign in front of the store that's why I chose it, all you got to do is roll up stop and say hello adorable prom wears designed for little girl
Of course with the way the universe seems to be bending rules here you won't do that until I leave the next dude sits here and you'll say hello to him,,, how the hell some of you girls have the balls to go to that disgusting tweaker whole, but you can't drive up and say hello to me.....