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Cyn Clancurrie guided her to the next life she had no idea existed in her past.

This time she opened her eyes to the windy skies of a harbor town, not unlike Collinsport. The heavens were full of sunshine and small fluffy white clouds, tinged with a bit of gray-blue shadow and brilliant sunrise. It was like someone had colored it with the brightest of crayons with an artist's touch to rival the works of Van Gogh or Michelangelo!

She watched and listened carefully, trying to fathom where she was and what she was doing here, and when in her past she had landed.

Cyn Clancurrie whispered, "You're in your second life," she told Alisa. "Listen carefully."

They stood by a tall Italian Gothic church, decorated with white rose and ivy garlands and majestic spires disappearing into the heavens of blue above. Wedding bells rang clearly, breaking the silence of an early morning in a harbor town.

A young couple and a huge congregation of attendees to the wedding came out and bounded onto the landing of the steps, throwing rice and cheering the new Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Atherton Christensen. He was a young HIstory professor who had done well under the tutelage of one Professor Stokes, and had been offered a job teaching in the University of a nearby city. Once the appointment was made, he had married Wysteria Lee Bell, whose nickname was Starry, a southern belle's daughter from Louisiana. The Bells owned a plantation in Baton Rouge and one on the coast of Greece. Always well accompanied by a barrage of eligible bachelors, she had been introduced to Vincent at a debutante ball and they had noticed each other from across the room, and their eyes locked...since that moment they seemed fated to meet and fall in love. ball gown lace bridal gowns

Now, the fifth day of July, the vows had been spoken and the bond made. The white Spanish lace of her long, full wedding gown rasped across her skin, and she felt the warmth descend on her like a shower of blessings as she looked at her platinum haired groom, dressed to the nines in his frock coat of black linen, his top hat slightly askew on his head, his arm in hers, locked forever inside her soul. What a day to be alive, to be sharing their dearest wishes with all their family and friends! It was a fantasy wedding, and Starry pinched herself. Her wedding veil clung to the crown of her head, pinned in place by diamondlike crystal clips. The layers of tulle wafted in the wind.

"No, it's real!" she whispered to her new husband. She ignored putting on her gloves that matched her wedding gown, preferring instead to show off her thick gold wedding band to the world! All the to-do with the onlookers cheering and everyone forming an arch under which she walked with Vincent, holding onto her bridal bouquet of peonies and roses.

"Of course it is! And so is the rest of our lives! We will have a blessed life together, wait and see!" said Vincent, smiling down at his bride. "Now onto the reception for the first dance as husband and wife, and I can feed you cake!" he joked jovially. "Now your father has to accept me!"

"Daddy has always liked you, Vincent, it was the idea of losing me that put him off. But he would never lose me, I assured him of that!"

They were in the carriage now, on their way to the reception hall, where all forms and manner of seafood and delicacies awaited to be feasted on. And then there was the wedding night...Starry was nervous, but Vincent had told her he was willing to accommodate her, never force her into anything she didn't want or didn't feel comfortable with.

"How did I get so lucky?" she asked as she kissed him inside the carriage as it rode away from the church. "Surely there's no other woman in this world as lucky as I!"

His kisses became more passionate, and the bridal bouquet fell onto the seat of the carriage, as Vincent's arms embraced his bride tightly, then tighter. The carriage stopped and she looked out of the window to the well wishers lined up to recieve them at the hall. She felt Vincent's lips still on her neck, and suddenly she was filled with dread. It was as though time had stopped and then at the same time flown through her fingers somehow.

This was too strange! She wanted to fly out of the carriage, fly into the sun and just be free!

And if she did, she forfeited. Always had to be a choice made. Always. And she loved him-never would she leave him! Not for anyone! Not for anything! He was her anchor in this life.

"You look like you just realized you made a mistake," said Vincent sadly. "Or am I reading you wrong, Starry?"

"Never a mistake, Vincent, never. It's just so strange, that's all, because it's so new. Give me a little time, my love! It's so very different!"

He relaxed and grinned. "You don't have to worry. Take all the time you need. As long as you love me, it's all right."

"Of course I love you!" she proclaimed. "I don't just go around marrying people I'm generally fond of!"

Vincent grinned again. "That's my Starry! Always the cheerful spirit! My wife! How good that feels to say! I love that word, 'wife!'" he said, stealing a kiss and embracing her again.

She melted into his arms and rested her head on his chest. "Well, we better get in here and get to being Mr and Mrs. Christensen! I can't wait to dance with you!"

"I hope you took lessons and paid attention! You about murdered my feet when last we danced!" he teased her.

"I never promised that in my vows! I'm afraid you're stuck with the world's worst dancer for a wife!" she laughed as he lifted her in his arms and put her onto the walk amongst cheers from an adoring crowd of onlookers and well wishers, lining the path to the Hall.

"I can stand it!" Vincent said nonchalantly. "I can also teach you every step you want to know!"

"Teach me, Vincent, teach me all you ever learned! I'll be your willing pupil for the rest of my life!" she vowed, kissing him passionately in front of onlookers.

"I'll hold you to that," he said, kissing her again as they entered the hall.

It was Alex. She and Alex in another time, another place, under different names. She had lived before, she had loved before, always Alex. It had always been Alex! It was fate!

Her Aunt Cyn stopped the vision, and then said to Alisa, "We need to stop one more place,and then your memories will be fully your own. After that, Alisa, you have some crow to eat, and a decision to make."