beach style wedding dresses

As a witness to your best friend’s wedding you get a few tasks ..and you can help me.But first let me tell you about a Princess and her Prince Charming who decided to marry some time ago … beach style wedding dresses
Sadly at that time it wasn’t meant to be , but like in all fairytales this one also had a happy ending .
They will marry but superstition says she can’t use the original dress that she bought .

SOOOOOOO ……who’s marrying and looking for a super luxurious dress ?? …Make my day ….make her day and especially MAKE YOUR DAY !!!!
Make us an offer we can’t refuse ….(NP 1795 € )

(SPECS : Wedding dress MARYLISE bought in LE CHAPEAU Antwerp , 100 % silk with diamond aplliqué
Size 40 …But true to size 38 (I’m 1.70/59 kg) .It’s as new as it gets and hasn’t been tailored yet ,but fits like a glove , dry steam and ready to go )

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