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Uric acid, produced in a human in the liver. Formed from compounds called purines. From organism 2/3 is excreted by the kidneys - urine and 1/3 through the digestive tract.
High levels of uric acid in the blood can lead to deposition of uric acid and uric acid salts in the joints and the kidneys.
Deposition in the joints - gout, leading to inflammation.
Deposition in the kidney - can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney stones.

According to the statistical definition, hyperuricemia is considered the concentration of uric acid in serum above 420 micromol / L for males and above 360 mmol / L in women. According to the physico-chemical definition, hyperuricemia begins at a concentration of 416 mmol / L, because underneath this concentration of uric acid released (dissolving) of monosodium urate, and above this concentration is formed by precipitation of crystals. beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding
Hyperuricemia is a very common, with 2-23% of the general population. Asymptomatic hyperuricemia is usually mild and can take years, and the risk of nephrolithiasis or gouty arthritis is correlated with the amount of serum urate.
Today's Science-proven connection hyperuricemia with other clinical entities, therefore elevated levels of uric acid is considered a risk factor for many or contact 09263077397