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The NFL's way of buying out the anthem issue. Let the players do that with their money. Let them take the protest to where it belongs and stop blaming all of us for not taking the stand the way you did. Go to police stations, prisons and courthouses. Not the people paying big bucks to see you play and get away from the bullshit we are trying to escape by watching you fucking idiots. We stand and we're white supremacists. We try to help we get told to mind our own business or told don't tell us how to protest. Well then don't tell us how to counter protest. How about try to get through one weekend without causing some fights. Is this football or hockey, or boxing? Hard to tell anymore. All men's pro sports are a bunch of overpaid fucking whiners. Women get paid way less to do the same jobs and we have to do it bleeding to death once a month. I can see men with periods. They would call out of life once a month for a week. black colored items to wear that looks sexy

Players at odds over NFL's $100M charity plan The NFL is proposing a partnership with the league's players in which $100 million would be donated to social justice organizations, but not all players are on board with the