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RIP Cambridge. Today my darling 18 year old Cat and best friend went to sleep for the last time & I am heartbroken.

She had a life better than most humans - rescued from a Putney warehouse by my brother , she and her brother Oxford were named after the Boat Race & so every year we’d celebrate their birthday with champagne and smoked salmon and dress them in scarves from each university. She’s travelled all over the Uk - regularly up to the Lake District on thd train, sitting on a seat or looking out the window as the staff would often fuss her and open those mini milk cartons and bring her treats to her amusement. A fussy cat she would only go in posh cars - the Christmas that Louisa drove her to Cheltenham in the TT was a high point - fast lane , tunes on the radio and practically giving the royal wave to anyone in the slow lane. With apologies to Sally who had to take the train as we couldn’t fit her and the the Cat box in the TT!!! Granddads Jaguar in Cumbria and Alphas Range Rover were also deemed suitable for her transpiration needs , driving around country northern lakes on my knee and staying at her ‘ country house’. She’s sat in on so many girls nights and given us all advice over fizz and wine - we all came out all agreeing we should “ be more Cambridge”. For anyone who has ever been to my many house and dinner parties there was only one hostess running the show and she didn’t let anyone in she didn’t like - especially boys boho lace wedding dress

She had a disappearing episode one Christmas 15 years ago and Rupert , my then other half , was distraught and dispatched 7 Coy Coldsteam Guards to find her . She turned up 7 weeks later & we wept with tears of relief . When that relationship ended she and Oxford both slept by my side and saw me through many tears and loneliness - a little furry muzzle to say It’ll be okay. She didn’t like the gorgeous Swedish model guy with the motorcycle though - he attempted to stay the night and they both bullied him by sitting on his chest and as he fell asleep she battered him around the face with her paw like some mafia don. He broke up with me because “ your cats are bullying me”. It’s true .
She also became a model and “the face of pet plan “ for various years giving me a proud mother moments

To Alpha who, at the end of her years gently would help her up the pile of Vogue we’d made into steps to her penthouse on top of the kitchen cupboards. When he thought I wasn’t looking he’d talk to her and clear up Cat sick ( now that’s Love) and bought her and Rex pet friendly Easter eggs & Christmas stockings and get that he was number 5 in pecking order - out of a house of 4 ...

To Adam who tried to do an international TV Skype call from my house to talk about England cricket & as they went live was totally upstaged by her walking across the screen making her famous in Australia ...

To my parents who wrote my Christmas cards from the Cat ( it’s a family thing okay - they get presents from the pets in return ! ) and to everyone whose hearts were touched by her paw marks & who fussed her and loved her

To the vets who showed such compassion and love and care.

And to you Cambridge my darling pink nose girl . My life will be a bit emptier without you purring me to sleep after 18 years . You started life at the beginning of the Boat Race course in Putney, moved 5 Times with me as ended your days literally at the end of the Boat Race course in Barnes. You ended at the end . Sleep well my little girl - you are loved x