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"I Wish I was a Princess"

I wish I was a princess
Loved by the king and queen
Put above all the rest
A princess that I've never been

I wish I was a princess
Sat next to the throne of king
Nee not to keep people impressed
For I am a princess, gentle and pleasing. courthouse wedding dresses

I wish I was a princess
Dancing gracefully at the ball
Wearing the most glamorous gown
The prettiest of them all.

I wish I was a princess
Ought not to do anything else
But wait for a prince to take the test
Test given by the king to have his 'yes'.

I wish I was a princess
Covered by the finest veil
With the most splendiferous wedding dress
A picture perfect ending for fairytale.

But reality entered my mind
Fairytale will never be mine
Dreams of mine won't come true
Dull will always be my life's hue.

But, is it a crime to wish?
to dream of life of bliss?
if, then shall I give my goodbye kiss
or should I take the high risks?

Perhaps it's not just a dream
cause I wish for myself the best
to be a royal in the perfect realm
I always wish to be a princess


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