elopement wedding dresses

Looking for a couple of volunteers to "model" prom dresses so we can take pictures of the dresses available and place the pictures on our website to sell through our thrift store that funds our Sheldon Lee Cooper-Slaugter Memorial Animal Shelter for dogs. Would prefer someone local that could just come up to our office and I would personally take the pictures and accessorize with jewelry, etc (please bring own shoes in black or dress sandals). I would provide you with a digital copy of all the pictures so that you could use for your own modeling portfolio. I have all sizes, but most are for small-figured teens. If you would be interested in DONATING your time to a charitable cause, then please contact me at nkpugh@live.com. elopement wedding dresses

We also have a thrift store full of clothes, and if this prom dress promotion is successful, we might start displaying some of the regular clothes as well. I would, at this point, be more than willing to barter some of the clothes for your volunteer work...Clothes start from baby onesies and up to old age, so maybe you might let your children "model" too and they can go home with some nice clothes as well. I hand pick all the clothing I buy to meet my standards, so most clothes you buy will be higher end selections.

Nita Kay Pugh-Slaughter, Co-Founder