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provoke RUSSIA.
So RUSSIA had to become a nuclear power.
And that's why they
So that
So that tomorrow
Are you beginning to understand
about to occur
great war.
Let me quote THE HADITH.
OTTOMAN EMPIRE robbed up and put away.
PROPHET (SA) is talking to HIS (SA) COMPANION sitting next to each other.
about the signs of final age.
And HE (SA) says to centre-stage look to MEDINA forlorn.
Nobody absolutely even in ARAB affairs.
When that occurs, then look for the MALHAMA.
just a great war.
It's a war
What kind of war it will be?
99 out of every 100 would be killed.
and only 1 percent survive.
US armed forces british armed forces.
When you attack RUSSIA, 99 out of
This does not happen in conventional warfare.
is if it's a war with weapons of mass destruction we know of nuclear weapons we don't about.
Thermonuclear weapons.
That's what is in the hadith.
And each enter into war whether win or not.
NATO is preparing for war with RUSSIA.
there are many others.
And the war is around the corner.
once inevitable eventually become nuclear war.
We don't know conventional become
We don't know.
eventually become nuclear war.
We don't know eventually become
I am not A PROPHET.
We know the longer they wait to attack RUSSIA becomes.
And the nice thing, the wonderful thins hearts so warm is that RUSSIA is not afraid
Why are you continuously blind?
What can i do to wake you up?
They know that.
If an ORTHODOX why should a muslim be afraid of death?
setting the example courage world has ever known?
What's wrong with the world of ISLAM?
We should not be afraid to die.
Even if millions of us have to die, we don't mind.
We bite the dust.
Before unfolding like the collapse of the monetary used as wallpaper.
And the only money electronic money
So you don't need invisible money bank account what they will do to your account.
If you are sensible SUFI order in telling their people SHAYKH NAZIM (AS) keep dinar and dirham.
The countryside organic farming.
Very sensible.
One of my student only one to have done it so far.
He sold his house in gave up his job internet which was cheap.
And he bought built his house.
He didn't contractor.
He planted rice.
He planted date palms.
He planted fruit trees.
His one acre has now become 6 acres.
He has chicken.
He has ducks.
there motorcycle could to a wife.
He could not have done it support of his wife.
supporting him.
son about
And only a villagers living there.
But a beautiful spot he is.
So why don't you do that?
Sell your house in the cities go look for the countryside.
he bought 10,000 ringits an acre.
So that's what you can do in preparation stock up on water, on energy.
He has a well, tubewell.
bring handpump no electricity using a handpump.
This is how you prepare for nuclear war.
because the cities are going to be anarchy no food and no water.
No transport.
mission of ISLAM.
ALLAH takes my
remote countryside.
collapse of money and so on.
One world government ruling you tomorrow.
And the most important event to come after the great war.

The conquest of CONSTANTINOPLE takes place after the malhama.
They honor you in TURKEY because the conquest of CONSTANTINOPLE is still to come.
NATO is scared now when they listen to lectures like these.
Nawaz Sharif speaking.
What happens after the malhama?
Those we die.
Even if you die before malhama, you are lucky.
This is a good time
After the malhama
i don't know how you are going to live.
no sunlight.
But this is the message that we give ISLAMIC ESCHATOLOGY.
If you live to see the malhama, then i am saying to you on the basis if you are young enough and strong enough to fight and head for constantinople
Give up everything else.
No government can stand in your way all over the world are going to head to CONSTANTINOPLE because HE (SA) said "YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY CONSTANTINOPLE. WHAT A WONDERFUL ARMY THAT WILL BE". evening party wears online
both in THE QUR'AN we will conquer CONSTANTINOPLE with orthodox muslim-christian army
Which christians will be?
Shall i remind you?
It's there in the QUR'AN.
to study the QUR'AN.
And you will most certainly find in time to come affection to you proclaim we are christians french christians hide they secularize proclaims i am christian.
It could only be the orthodox christians.
You would know they still have the ulema.
have a status in society.
man can marry another man priest is a laughing stock out here the ulema and priest have a staus
monastery is still there monk still life is still treasured COSOVO is such a difficult problem.
COSOVO is the heart of the life of christians.
very well.
So this is the christians closest in love and affection with whom you will make an alliance.
They are not an arrogant people.
canadian people carbon copies of themselves.
So if you serve me i roll up my good i eat with my hand fingers only way curry fish barbarian he is.
This is uncivilized.
You should eat cutlery dress the way we dress.
dirty beard a civilized man wears a shirt and trousers jacket and tie.
I say that is arrogance.
And there are many say
These are not a arrogant people.
transform into carbon copies of themselves.
That's those christians
are different billboard to the airport.
in final age close in love alliances
HE (SA) says that.
The kuffar are constantly building alliances among themselves.
If you do not do the same, if you build non-muslim people there will be fitnah and great fasad world to THE QUR'AN?