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MARRIAGE & CONFUSION (that it's a contract)

I only had a moment to sample last night’s show and picked up that some award winning thinker imagines there is an argument to be had in favour of marrying a computer (or porn).

To my mind, the only thing that need be said to this is simple:

Marriage is a contract.
Every contract requires lucid competence from *both* parties (along with other boxes to be ticked) in order to be enforceable.

How do these religious maniacs imagine a computer (or porn) has competence to accept the terms of a contract?
For that matter, how do they imagine that animals might have the legal competence to marry; as is often proposed as a ’natural’ consequence if “gays are allowed to marry”.

My question to them is:
Would you expect to be able to legally contract with a dog for any other service or interaction?

The answer lies in the roots of their religion — most of them these days don’t allow paedophilic marriages, but the history of their cults are almost all full of men marrying young girls… and in this observation lies a clue to what they think marriage is. More on this in a moment.

On the basis of marriage being a contract between consenting adults, how do they hope to withhold the contract competence from gays? From two consenting adults, both sober?

Well, the way these religious bigots treat women leaves me surprised that they extend the rights of self determination to females to allow them to marry, and therein lies the point of departure between what marriage is and what they think marriage is.
I submit that their perception of marriage is less contract (of equals) and more certificate of ownership - which explains a lot about their confusion with conflating marriage of gays and marriages to say, a goat.
They certainly seem to think they own women in general; it is in their language and attitudes, “How can you allow your woman to dress like that?”

If marriage is the deed of ownership, then in a gay marriage - if one man is to ‘own' the other, I can understand their confusion as to which one of the males is to take the ownership role. Whereas, marrying a female (of almost any age), is entirely consistent with their strange view of marriage as a form of ownership. evening party wears with sleeves