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How precious every moment of life is! I had a challenging week with health, finally able to eat & keep food down today. I'm up & about again, no longer curled in a fetal position on the bed. It felt great to be in sunlight. Picking up a friend from dialysis, he went into serious distress. At the ER I had to go find security & a nurse to help get him out of the car, he was doing so poorly. His best friend, the driver, was held up in the waiting room over 20 minutes because it was hard to find someone to let him get back to the room. Meanwhile, I watched 12 health professionals keep circling around Mike, doing things to take tests & help him try to breath. His veins bulged, eyes swelled outward, below the sternum his chest had a bubble going convex when he breathed out, his veins kept failing to clot in the only arm they were allowed to put lines into causing bleeders, & the pain he was going through I can't put to words ... Mike's eyes told the whole story in a glance. All I could do was hold his ice cold hand, use my soothing voice to calm him when the staff wanted him to keep still, & trust that these folks were going to find a way to save him. For awhile, I feared no human being could endure that much distress with lack of regular, sufficient oxygen. My day began with thanks for getting through some hard times & became a prayer for my friend's life & next breath to come without strain or pain ... wondering if he would live or die in the next few minutes. Mike is in the ICU, now breathing with some help. I am reminded to be thankful for each breath, live every moment as if it could be the last, & share what good I can with others. "Top Of The Hill" unidentified genus/species of insect photos by formal wears dressed in graduation occasion Kelly Parsons on 8/11/2017. #1 Normal Editing #2 Night Glow #3 Bump Map #4 Hope #5 Emboss.