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I have cried 5 times watching this today and I’m admitting that I’m glad that it took a couple of months because I definitely appreciate it more than I would have right after the wedding. This fall/winter has been difficult in many moments with some serious health issues that have not just me but him now as well worried and while that’s our reality, this video’s happiness and joy is also our reality. What I love most about this is the love that radiates in this video, from my husband is 100% genuine. I had cancer a couple of times, it’s created a lot of anxiety for me and also, health problems that will be around forever and will likely get worse and scary. I can’t explain how it feels to watch that video and see myself in my dream dress, some incredible friends of ours who came from all around the country, our families sharing in our excitement, almost all of my entire medical team who have saved my life twice now and remain some of my biggest supporters and friends ( knee length wedding dress Tina & Sue !) with both of my parents ( Sharon & Bill) by my side radiating happiness and pride in both of us and Eric while I know how magical and probably surreal in ways the day was for them with all we 3 have been through together over the last 14 years and lastly, my true, honest, God send of a husband. I always was worried I’d never meet anyone who could handle my very real fears or issues I face daily, let alone want to and I was really and truly okay with that. I knew my time was limited on Earth and I was okay having friends and family until I met Eric. I cannot begin to explain how sensitive, calm, thoughtful and knows what I’m feeling more & more every single day because he cares he is. I look st the video and see a beautiful Hayley Paige gown from BIANKA Bridal , Cheeky Strut ’s talent and incredible flowers everywhere from Posh Petals and I’m just blown away that the day for was us. We had some issues here and there during the planning but as I look back now, I am so happy that we took that day and had that party because it was a massive deal. It’s a massive deal that I’m alive, that Eric is in such a wonderful spot in life and that we have each found our true loves when neither were looking or seeking that. Our love is huge and we are so blessed to have a great deal of support, encouragement and love from people sharing life with us and this video is a small reflection of that.

Also, a MASSIVE shout out from Eric Droski and I to Samantha Wagner and Camden Pilger of Sam & Cam Photography who made our wedding highlight film for us.
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