lace prom dresses 2019

May 19, 2018 is coming quickly so I guess I better nail down some vendors/set a budget/get some advice.. Please do not comment or PM me unless you know for sure you have what I need. I'm not trying to be rude, just realistic. I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of comments to sift through and there is nothing more frustraring to me to sift through a comment to get to their facebook, find their website, look at their work and fall in love, finally find the page with the pricing (or have to email them!), to find out after all their pricing is TWICE what you're budget is. It makes me borderline Bridezilla. ?

Background for budget information: We are doing very lowkey and cutting corners where we can. (I have spent less than $1200 on my dress AND my venue together. And I am designing and printing my own Save The Dates and Invitations for $0.15 each. If youre also that type of budget conscious bride, message me! I am more than happy to share what I have learned/accomplished. I REFUSE to spend a down payment on a house on one day. Even if I've dreamed about it since I was three!) I am not at all aganist hiring someone who is up and coming/working on their portfolio/does it as a hobby/etc.

Also, I AM GETTING MARRIED IN NORTHERN HARFORD COUNTY. It is very near the PA line and about an hour east of Baltimore City.

Sorry. I'm long winded.

DJ: I realize that a good DJ is going to make or break this party so I am willing to pay a little more for this. What does a decent dj usually average?

Day of Coordinator: The closer my wedding day gets, the more this seems like a good investment. What do they usually cost? We are getting married outdoors so decor and tables will need to be set. We do not have a caterer. We have a grill and a grill man and my family and bridal party is doing a decent size bake-a-thon and freeze the week before so food will need to be warmed and set up. Do they usually handle this? Has anyone had success with paying a trusted friend to handle set up the morning of?

Photography: This seems to be cursed. Its been such a stressor for me. Orginally, I wanted before the ceremony for the bride and groom. We will be in separate places as our venue does not have a place to get ready. But I am thinking a friend whos good with a camera may be a more cost efficent and smarter option for this time frame. During the ceremony, I wanted two. Also, the normal posed photos between the ceremony and reception and about 2 hours of the reception/party. There is also the possibility of a trash the dress session at the rehersal dinner. The more shots and edited photos the better. Whats a good average? The max I am willing to pay for this is maybe $1000 and thats with the before session, the trash the dress session, and double photographers at the ceremony. Yep. I'm cheap. You can say it. If Mommy and Daddy were paying for it, we could entertain spending what the wedding industry says I should. But, thus, life happened and Mommy and Daddy can't. So here we are. lace prom dresses 2019

Bartender: We will be supplying the alcohol. I need someone to stand and make a few mixed drinks and make sure someone isnt allowed to guzzle an entire bottle of tequilia. Is this a thing? I am not obove sitting the alcohol behind the elderly group who will sit and talk about the good ol' days and be mostly stationary anyhow. Remember that judgy Grandma/Grandpa stank eye you got as a kid that made you stop dead in your tracks? Of course, I never got it because I was a Good Little Princess buttttt the younger kids did a lot so I remember it well. My friends will too if they try to pour half a bottle of vodka in their screwdriver during my reception.

Makeup: I dont even know where to start with this. There's Me. The Bowser Bride. (Remember Mario and Bowser? Yep. Put a wedding dress on Bowser and Tada! Thats how I roll.) So me, 4 bridesmaids (one has asked for zero makeup. She may change her mind and want a little bit. But if she doesn't, its her face and if she feels comfortable au naturale, I think she should rock it!), and possibly the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. I have a couple of very talented friends that I may ask for some of that. But I think I would want mine airbrushed on. I've never had it done that way though. Whats it like? Do I want that? Is that in my broke ass budget?

Hair: Bride. 4 bridesmaids. We will all need hair done. Probably some sort of curled fancy half down/half up updo looking thing. Not particular about them coming to me or me going to them. But I will be about an hour east of Baltimore City so I am not traveling to Egypt. I need someplace close.

Food: Pros/Cons of burger bar and hotdogs? There is also the possibility of pizza. There will be lots of fantastic stuff in crockpots. So far we have baked beans, chips and dips, chili, sauerkraut, meatballs, ziti, pulled pork, veggie tray, fruit tray, garden salad, and pasta salad. Anybody have any easy, cheap, freezable options to add to my list for side dishes? Since my venue has a fire pit, there will be smores too! And I got my cake covered.

I do not have an officiant yet, but there are several people I need to ask first. I think we have flowers covered. Attire has been thought about and is next on the checklist. I have most of the furniture thought about and a list made in my head but until my rsvps come back, I cant move forward with that.

Did I miss anything? Forget anything important?