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AM IN WITH SEX.......... Episode 2

Back in the house, Princewill had developed another negative strong feelings towards Cynthia... A moment won't pass without him having mental intercourse with his new lover, Cynthia...This is the mood the young Princewill had put himself in the course of love. He had started drawing another strategy on how to meet his lover again.... He beat his chest this time around and said inwardly, " I won't fail my feelings anymore"... The situation now is how possible on earth will he gets to the reach of Cynthia so that he can vehemently satisfy the hungry feelings he has for her.... As he was ruminating on an idea, his mind struck on him to dial her 11 digits and book a seeing request on her... This is a nice idea though but he is not certainly sure if Cynthia will succumb to his request... Amazingly before him, Cynthia agreed on the phone call and promised to see each other that evening....This warm reply revived Princewill a bit, his heart starts beating so fast and he automatically lost his appetite and started preparing for his second missionary journey... Some hours later, a knock came on his door... He couldn't believe it that Cynthia has arrived...Within some seconds, he had arranged his room in a welcoming look... Sitting by her side on his bed, the both couldn't initiate a talk, the drama looked unprepared.... It was after some minutes that the handsome Princewill broke the silence by saying " Baby, what would I offer u"???... And Cynthia replied "anything good within ur reach"... He went straight to his fridge and brought out a foreign drink which contains 45% alcoholic content but the pretty Cynthia don't know anything about it.... After sharing the contents of the drink with her, the both became intoxicated and this powered the both parties... Is this a planned deal or a coincidence??? This is a baffling question... Like a hungry lion that has been searching for whom to devour, Princewill drew Cynthia very closer to himself and immediately initiated a strong romantic kiss with her... At this juncture, the brain of the two parties became formatted and all could Princewill do now is how to initiate an intercourse... He started going down the lower region in between her legs and tempted to remove her underwear but Cynthia was a bit afraid of the implications because no protection was involved.... She couldn't resist it anymore when Princewill immediately carried his hand directly to her privacy and caressed her clitoris...... This single emotional act triggered Cynthia and all she could wanted that moment is to feel something very big inside her.... She wants a hard penetration at the moment....Within a blink of eye, penetration occurred and a faint noise heard.... latest 2019 prom party wears in tea length

To be continued!!!