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When we don't allow women and men other sorts of contraceptive or for them to get a vasectomy or tubes tied until they are older or have had kids we are basically offering women the choice between pregnancy and cancer. Everyday I poison myself taking my birth control. This is the only toxin I willingly put in my body day after day. For 7 years. I feel as if I can either get pregnant or stay toxic and I prefer neither. I know you can use condoms but if they break and you're not on birth control then you may be sol. I also do not want to have to take a Plan B pill, still just as toxic. I know you can temp your body but I am so scared I will make a mistake and end up pregnant. As a women I am lost in this cycle. It's 2017. We need better birth control options for both genders! This issue isn't a women issue. A baby takes 2! mother of the bride wedding dresses