not expensive wedding wears for summer

Event updates! =)
PARKING: If you are not driving on the beach, you can park in the lot behind Rossellini's Italian Restaurant. There is a sign indicating parking for Ocean Deck.

CHECK IN: On the beach in front of Ocean Deck between 8:30-9am on this Sunday, Jan. 14th. You'll receive your clean up gear, and set off to clean the beach!

Head back to tents around 10:30-11am to weigh in with your trash. We'll also send some trucks up and down to collect/consolidate, if you're filling up your bags.

PRIZES: We'd love to see you all tagging us in photos, and the most fun photo w/ the correct tags will get a free paddle board rental! Add a photo of yourself cleaning up the beach, and tag: Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company (Instagram: @persimmonhollow) and Outsiders USA (Instagram: @Outsiders.USA) and 4Ocean along with the hashtags # persimmonhollowbrewing # outsidersusa # cleanupsensiblybutgetweird # 4Ocean

FREE BEER: Yum. Only for 21+ of course. ;) We'll head to Ocean Deck after weighing trash is done. Each person receives a raffle ticket for a free paddle board; you'll give the other half of that ticket at the bar, to receive your free beer. not expensive wedding wears for summer

WEATHER: It'll be a bit chilly in the am (between 40-50 degrees) so dress warm, eat a good breakfast and pack your reusable water bottle!

Any questions feel free to reach out to us @ or call us @ 386 785 6806

See you all Sunday. Let's try for 1,000lbs of trash, people!!!! =D =D =D