one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections

OMG. The freakiest thing just happened. So I pull into the apartment complex with the girls. As I turn into my covered parking spot, we notice a man leaning on a pole about 2 spots down, no cars between us and him. He looked odd. We all said how freaky he looked. Kamryn immediately locked the doors. I told her to call her dad to come down because we were NOT getting out. He looked at us and just stared. As she was calling Brett , who had just gotten here as well, but was parked around the corner, the man started walking toward us, still staring, walking like a zombie, and looking like one as well. No expression. Just staring as he approached our car walking like Frankenstein. Everyone was freaking out. Kam was about to call 911. He was almost to our car as I'm backing out about to take off, kids screaming, when Brett is running towards him, shouting, "Can I help you?" "What are you doing walking up to my wife's car?" He turns and walks away. Brett followed him until he went between two other buildings. We were all freaked out. It all happened so fast. He was about a foot from our window. I'd never seen him before and have felt very safe here. Kids play outside all the time and people are often coming and going. It was so freaky and scary. Who knows what that crazy man was planning to do? one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections