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I think if people are saved (I can think of at least 3-4 parties who have claimed so)--but their actions and choice of actions in life don't reflect Him. What do you do with people like these? Avoid them, right? "Have nothing to do with them"?

But then I think of some of my own actions as well when I was living without the guidance of His Word, and they have been atrocious, I'm sure. Not as "bad" as some others...but still. Nothing that reflects His glory--

I.e.: @180 days of not dating: Why are you all over my page and using references from my page in your Instagram posts? Isn't your site pretty much open to the public as well, considering the number of "followers" you have going on there? "16.1K" and all?

The only one I know, no offense to all parties (E, D, P.S.)--that despite his many mistakes he made and the amount he hurt me with his silence in the past...but still reflects the beauty, light, life, and glory of Christ, is Pastor Michael Lee. The only one I know who has the Spirit in him to make crippled backs straighten and the homeless pick up their Pastor Michael Lee.

And this was all just in my neighborhood street and in the surrounding blocks of New York City. Mike, were you here? How did he know that I was reading "True standard" in an old email back in 2005 when he IMed me "Jesus is your true standard" online at the exact same time, right before he got married?

If you will examine me, you will notice that my ways are true. They are righteous (except when I get mad, but I think it's still righteous anger on behalf on the innocent who suffer injustly at the hands of those who do wrong and kill...), they do not take advantage of anyone, they do not use Scripture cunningly as a means to get what one wants from a girl (from a pastor! How shameful--little did he know I detest cunning-ness and cold-hearted calculations...), I present His Words as they are and do not thwart the meaning in any sort of underhanded, twisted way... prom garment suitable for plus size girl

How much can be said of the lot of you all out there who have claimed salvation in Christ? Mo?