royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

Hi mummies, I'm here to share with you my experience of saving my hair loss problem. I used to have thick hair and I always think so until one day my daughter was playing with my phone and took a picture of my head. I never thought that my hairline is going bald until I saw the picture. My friend recommended me this YZT haircare set and after using it for almost 2 weeks, my hairline no longer bald (see picture 1). But this wasn't convinced me as I think it could be the way I comb my hair until I saw my father's result (see picture 2). My dad is at his late 50s and he started to have bald patches on his head. This is the result after using it for 2 weeks. royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail
Now, I've been using it for 1 month and I've lesser hair drop now. On top of that, my hair is more manageable and no longer frizzy (which is a bonus to me).

This haircare comes in set which consists of 3 items: shampoo, conditioner and scalp essence. The shampoo DOES NOT contain silicone oil and it's PURE PLANT BASED shampoo. The key ingredients are: ginger, ginseng, rose extract & aloe vera. It's suitable for both male and female (including pregnant ladies & breastfeeding mom).

YZT haircare set
1 set RM168
2 set RM 276 (save RM60)

Shipping fee for Peninsular Malaysia
1 set RM7.80
2 set RM9.40

Please do not hesitate to pm me if you have any questions.