sequin style items to wear for the party

While "we" are busy being distracted by social "issues", ALL of us are in IMMEDIATE DANGER...

Consider: If a jumbo jet crashed everyday killing over 280 Americans every single day would we be motivated to speak up? As the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, our "healthcare" system is killing the same number of people...EVERY DAY. ...and, injuring approx 2000 more. sequin style items to wear for the party

Consider: The TOP 2 causes of death are heart disease and cancer, which are primarily being caused by t ... he food/drink you are putting in your mouth while vigorously typing argumentative messages on social media.

Consider: YOU are under attack... Not white people, black people, gay people, conservatives, liberals, dreamers, etc... YOU!

Consider: Get PISSED OFF about the SYSTEM filling you head w distractions while literally ruining the LIFE of YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES!

Love and prayers.

Time to get our eye back on the ball, kids!

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