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Saturday it began again!! F'N allergy that began on Dr. Martin Luther Jr. King Day in Jan of this Mudder Puggin year! Face swelled up like a fat weather balloon, eyes swollen and red itchy painful rash on eyes and face! Began another course of prednisone!
More steroids to FUZZ up my already deteriorating body! Poor Pugger had his steroid shot with an antibiotic shot for another bacterial/yeast infection!
Face is not swollen anymore but rash is now in the beginning stage of trying to heal, peeling skin, drying out, I look like the Devils Bitch! Now for this whole month of November a new medical problem began! Back of left calf began hurting, electrical shocks of pain strike up my calf into back of knee! So powerful and painful Ive literally fallen to the ground! sexy and sassy wedding bridal wears
Figured this is just the Neuropathy but when massaging my leg I've felt this hard painful long almost hose like thing move around? Figured just a stiff muscle? Today Nacho Pug and.
I were in the art room playing Tug O Pug of War, got on the floor and laid flat, elevated my fat Turkey Legs for a bit, began massaging back of my calf and it increasingly got more pain full and now feel a huge lump, very painful! I sat up and turned my leg around to see what the Ruff was wrong and entire back of my left calf is black and blue like a bruise?
Red swollen ankles, feet, and calves are something I've been dealing with for years but this is different, looks like it could be a blood clot? Today has been the most painful its been! Should I let it go 9r is this really serious?