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Home Alone With My Step Brother
Episode 4&5
4pm already and Festus is not here, I was so
disturbed and annoyed, I was already going
crazy, I was already h---y, very h---y, I’ve
never been h---y like this in my entire life. I
needed s-x so badly, I’m already regretting
that I used the stupid drug. I tried calling
Festus but he’s not reachable, he’s number
Do you know the feeling of being
disappointed after so Much preparation, I’m
sure you know the feeling of being
disappointed especially when it comes to s-
when you’ve already planned to have s-x but
it didn’t happen. The
konji that was battling with me that day was
terrible. It 5pm already, I heard the door bell, sexy evening gowns
come and see the way I rushed out of my
room, immediately I came out of my room,
Daniel also rushed out of his room too, we
jammed each other, we ran down stair
it was my boyfriend, and Daniel too was
hoping it was his girlfriend. Daniel opened
the door and
it was the Driver, I was so pissed off, I just
walked. The stupid man came to tell drop
car keys. I sat on the chair in the sitting
room, Daniel was still attending to the driver,
I discovered Daniel was wearing his boxers,
which I never noticed, then all of sudden
Daniel and the Driver started laughing and I
was wondering what was amusing them.
Driver: Well done ooooo, aunty Omolola. I
dey go, see you tomorrow (smiling as he
I began to wonder what was amusing the
driver, did Daniel tell him something about
me cos I know he has a bad mouth. The
Me: what is making the both of you laugh
that? I know you have said something
about me abi
Daniel: (he smiled) can’t you see what is
going on?
I didn’t understand what he was saying, he
picked up his phone and started calling his
girlfriend but she wasn’t picking his calls, I
didn’t even pay attention not until I saw
something that really got my attention. I saw
something stretching inside Daniel’s boxers,
he was already hard, very hard, he was just
going lamenting, I realized that should be
reason the driver was laughing, probably
driver thought we were doing something
me sef I was wearing a sexy nightgown,
Daniel wearing only boxers with his d--k
and me wearing a skimpy nightgown who
wouldn’t think something was going on.
I just couldn’t take my eyes off his d--k,
believe me, Daniel is really huge, very huge I
must confess. I was using style to check his
d--k out as he was lamenting and cussing
for disappointing him, I started checking
Daniel out from head to toe, he has six pack
too, Daniel is handsome than my boyfriend
Daniel finally sat down, I was still checking
him out..
Daniel: can you believe the stupid girl
switched off her phone sha. I didn’t even
anything, I was pretending to be minding
own business, he furiously dropped his
on the floor, he sat comfortably on the
I was still checking him out, I was already
imagining me riding his c--k, Daniel was still
upset, I can’t help but to keep accessing my
step brother out. How I wish.
Daniel: what are you looking at
Episode 5
Me: Huh! (I came back to my senses)
Daniel: are you checking my d--k out?
Do you love it?
Me: what do you mean? (I hissed)
Daniel: tell me you don’t want it
Me: are you flirting with me?
Seriously speaking I wanted it but I
wasn’t sure if i should do it, I
shouldn’t have taken the drug, I
was so h---y, really h---y, even if I
see the gateman at this point I would
allow him f--k me.
Daniel kept on flirting with me…
Daniel: I tot you once said you would
love to have s-x with me
Me: that was just a joke, please stop it
I don’t like what you’re doing right
Daniel: I’m sure we are both h---y,
cos I saw you taking one of my drug,
did you think I didn’t see you?
Me: What drug? I didn’t take any
drug ooo
He moved closer to me, my heart
started beating fast, what is
happening here? I don’t want this to
happen but I want it.
Daniel: Omolola let’s do it now, your
boyfriend is not here, my girl is not
here too. He started touching my cheek..
Me: stop it Daniel, you are my brother
please stop
Daniel: but we are not related
Daniel became so close this time, he
started touching my lips, he was
looking at me with a very flirty eyes,
seducing me.
Daniel: you’re not a small girl now
(he began to peck me)
Me: stop it, stop, stop, stop. He was kissing
my lips already, I kept
telling him to stop but he didn’t
listen, he grabbed my boobs and
brought it out from my gown, he
began to suck it
Me: Daniel stop it, stop, stop it please
(moaning) I was really moaning so hard, he
was really sucking my n-----s, then he put
his fingers in my p---y and started
fingering me, he was kissing while
fingering me, I was really moaning so
hard but I kept saying “Daniel please stop
it”, he removed my nightgown,
he crossed his legs on me, facing me,
and kissing me so hard, squeezing my
boobs, he removed his boxer, gosh,
Daniel’s d--k is extremely long and
large and curve too.
He started sucking my p---y, this time,
asked if i love it, I couldn’t help but
to say “I love it”. He held his d--k
and inserted it into my p---y, I
couldn’t help but to scream.
Daniel: sorry, wow your p---y is tight He
began to f--k me slowly, I was
really moaning so sweet, he was
doing it so slow, I was really enjoying.
Then he became fast this time, I was
loving it, then he stopped, I changed
my position for another style, doggy style,
f-----g me really hard from
behind, I kept on saying “Daniel
please stop”, I was moaning so
hard, we changed to another style
again, he sat on the couch, sat on his
d--k and riding him, ride the c--k, I was just
going up and down, I was
feeling his d--k all over my p---y, he
was quezzing my boobs so hard, my
legs were already shaking, but I was
really riding his c--k. He was just
saying “I love you, I don’t need jumoke
anymore”, then I faced him
this time, still riding his c--k, kissing
Moaning so passionately, he
lifted me up this time, f-----g me so
hard, while standing up facing him,
doing the scissors style, my p---y making a
silly sound each time the
d--k enters it. “Let’s go to my
room” he said while f-----g me, he
kept on f-----g me still carrying me,
he kept on f-----g me as we were
climbing the stairs, you known that kind
of s-x? Daniel must have really
watched too many p--n.
We got to his room, still kissing and
f-----g me, I wanted more, he laid
me on his bed and began to f--k me
again, moaning seriously, he was
sucking my n-----s, we started going
tip by tip on his bed, going left and right,
still f-----g me p---y, i began to
squirt, my legs were already shaking,
he f----d me so hot till he cums. We
f----d for more than 2hrs I guess, we
started panting, I was really weak,
sweating so hard, till we slept off.
==WATCH OUT FOR Episode 6==