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Better to have fought and got your ass kicked
Than hang your head crying I guess I got licked
Better sing your song to the world and be booed
Then sit there in silence thinking if they only knew

The saying this old man probably likes the best
Put all I believed in through one hell of a test
See me and losing we never did get along
I'm always right, it's the world that's all

Well now I can tell you that old saying is true
That's just one of the things I learned loving you
Now I can say this, and it comes from my heart
It's not how you finish, no it's about making a start tea length wedding dresses for older brides

It's better to have loved and to have lost
To feel love at all, is worth any cost
Because I know now what I want is no big deal
All that matters to me, is that love I could feel

And real love it's not sent with thought of return
No love's it's own candle, and it's light ever burns
Living and dying well they don't mean a lot
No what matters in life, is the
love that you brought

Sinner and saint, the mighty or meek
Look at them closely, it's love they all seek
The richest of kings, the bum on the street
Only one way to win, and one road to defeat

You win if you feel it, if not than livings a waste
It is the smell of a flower, the breath you can taste
I looked for love with a picture in hand
What I didn't know, I now understand

Love was not hiding, it was here all along
And even when love isn't right, it's
still never wrong
So my love I can send, and I don't need it back
I've got enough to make up for what you may lack

And if my life was to be over this day
I would be happy it turned out this way
After all of my looking for where I belong
I know it's right here, in the words of this song

Yes I have loved, but lost not one thing
Don't care if they booed, I still got to sing
Before I entered the fray, I was all but knocked out
But I still got to learn what real love's all about